What is SSP?

The Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP), backed by clinical trials and real-world evidence, informed by Dr. Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory reduces sound sensitivities and improves auditory processing, behavioral state regulation, and social engagement behaviors through specially-filtered music.

Clients receive the SSP in-person or remotely through a user-friendly app-based platform, compatible with Android and iOS devices, called Unyte.

How Does SSP Work? 

The SSP acts as an acoustic vagal nerve stimulator, helping to shift the nervous system out of a chronic state of defense and into a state of social engagement. By experiencing movement through physiological states, the client’s autonomic nervous system may be re-tuned to be more connected, resilient, and better able to respond to life’s challenges.

SSP acts like a metaphorical treadmill, as one completes successive listening sessions, the middle ear muscles are progressively trained to contract and tighten the eardrum, allowing middle frequencies of sound to be better perceived.

One system. Three pathways

  • SSP Connect – a slower way to approach the SSP, allowing time to adjust and acclimate to the listening and to prepare for SSP Core.
  • SSP Core- the original, filtered music program and potentially most impactful of the three pathways.
  • SSP Balance – offers an integrating experience, and the opportunity to extend the state-regulating benefits of the SSP Core.

SSP is for you 

  • when you or your child has not experienced relief from past therapies
  • when you or your child has trouble regulating and appropriately expressing emotions
  • when the world feels unsafe and you want better social connections

SSP benefits by

  • regulating the autonomic nervous system and improve auditory processing, leading to better social connection.
  • accelerating results and improve therapeutic outcomes
  • repatterning the nervous system through listening for longer lasting relief

Interested in more information?

Email Pam, our certified and trained professional with Safe and Sound Protocol. Her email is Pam@AcornCounseling.Services. You can also reach her at her direct line: 940-294-7124. If you are ready to begin your treatment, Schedule with Pam today!

**All information republished with permission from SSP Provider Marketing Guide

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