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Therapy for all ages!

Play Therapy

“For Children, toys are their words and play is their language.”
– Dr Gary Landreth

Children ages 18 months to 12 years benefit from a fully stocked play room and clinicians trained in play therapy. When a child wants to talk about a problem, they approach it with stories, and these stories are told with toys. Using play and play based activities, therapy engages the entire brain and assists clinicians in getting into the world of the child. Providing interventions targeted for your child becomes easier as we understand what their world is like. In complex situations, play therapists help children communicate about their lives without the negatives of talking directly to the judge.

Acorn operates in a private pay model for the utmost in confidentiality and flexibility for our clients. Our play sessions cost $160 to $200 per session with a child and our typical client can expect between 15-18 sessions.

Adolescent Therapy

Acorn’s clinicians work with adolescents using a combination of talk, art, activity, and family therapy. With training in complex family transitions, as well as policies and procedures to encourage active engagement with all members of the family, Acorn can help you reconnect with your teen, even as you navigate working with their anxiety, depression or self harm behaviors.

Our private pay model allows us to determine needs for family sessions, parent support, and/or individual counseling. Our adolescent sessions cost $160 to $200 per session and our typical client can expect between 15-18 sessions.

Family/Couples Therapy

Clients live in a family, and change comes quicker and stays longer when the family is integrally involved in treatment. Acorn’s clinicians dedicate time to learning how to engage the entire family in the process of healing, even if it’s difficult. We can even help those who have lost touch with their loved ones reconnect in powerful ways.

Our family sessions range from 1 hr to 1.5 hours and cost $160 to $200 per session with a family. Our typical family can expect between 10-15 sessions. Our private pay model allows us to group different individuals and timings to fit your family’s unique needs.

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Court Involved Treatment

Through court ordered counseling, supervised visitation, and reunification counseling, Acorn’s therapists know how to work in a multidisciplinary team. Find sample court orders, policies and procedures that assist in working with courts on our page dedicated to the Court system in Denton County.

Court ordered treatment, or treatment with goals set by a court, must be billed privately. Our fee per service hour is $160 to $250 and retainers are expected.

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Education For The Community!

Coparenting Education

Acorn teaches coparenting one on one or with both coparents. Our training uses a variety of books, workbooks, and information gathered from several different settings. Some examples are Between Two Homes book and workbook and Bill Eddy’s BIFF Quick Responses for High Conflict People.

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Continuing Education for Professionals

Want to know how to work with complex families or learn the basics of private practice? Acorn’s experienced clinicians share their knowledge with other professionals. We also have clinicians who educate childcare professionals.

Parenting Classes

We also work to help parents take their parenting to the next level. Our classes teach skills like setting boundaries, connecting through fun and play, as well as how to manage behavior problems.