Run Down with Christy Graham, LPCS RPTS

Welcome to Run Down with Christy Graham! At Acorn Counseling Education Services, our mission is to strengthen Denton County by empowering and educating parents and children. Acorn’s Christian staff works to affect positive change through a combination of team oriented, evidence based, therapeutic
and educational services. Our mission is simple: Stronger Children, Stronger Families, and a Stronger Community.

In Support of that mission, I thought it would be helpful to go through
the Alphabet soup of mental health licensures.

There are rules and regulations, statutes and laws that govern the
types of interventions each of these licenses can use.

I am most familiar with LPC and RPT, since those are the licenses I
hold. I’ll talk about them in more depth, and gloss over the other
licenses that I know about.

Here are some links to the different mental health licensures that I talk about in the video for the statutes, rules and licensing boards.

Professional Counselor
Registered Play Therapist
Licensed Psychologist
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

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