These are the faces of the ladies of Acorn. We opened our offices 1 year ago, August 31st. Since then we have provided:

  • 1,220 client hours of onsite therapeutic services
  • 119 direct supervision hours for new clinicians
  • 4 community contact opportunities on premises meeting with referral sources and learning about ways to coordinate services in Denton
  • 4 learning opportunities with organizations such as Green Apple Therapy, Denton Regional Suicide Prevention Coalition, Neuroscience, and the Ross Institute of Learning
  • 11.5 hours of CEUs for Licensed Professional Counselors
  • 39 Blog posts
  • 7 Facebook Parties
  • 6 Newsletters

God has been good. In counting our blessings, the people we get to work with, the community we live in, and the organizations we get to support, we are truly blessed. While several of our staff have changed, (Donna is retired, Angela has moved to a different city, and Ashley is taking time to be a mom) we are continuing to serve our clients, our families, our community.

If Acorn has blessed you, with a timely post, a helpful tip, please let us know. Sometimes seeing God’s work takes a bigger vantage point to really grasp. We would love your feedback about our first year. Comment on this page, on Facebook, or send us an email with your thoughts.

Christy Graham, President of Acorn CES

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