Episode #26 | Kathleen Mills and Phillip Crum discuss child therapy with Christy Graham

I hope you like podcasts as much as I do! Here is my very first one, hopefully the first of many. Kathleen and Phillip are wonderful hosts and I highly recommend having coffee with them. We focused on child therapy, specifically play therapy. A special guest drew the picture for the podcast and adds just a bit more knowledge about play to the discussion.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a way of working with children who are having difficulties, either emotionally, socially, or psychologically. Play Therapy utilizes toys as the child’s words and play as the discussion. Christy gives examples from her life and helps parents and mental health practitioners learn about how play can assist a child in learning and growing.

Christy talks about her history as a play therapist and how she got into the helping profession. Learn about her approach to therapy, where she is located, and how to contact her. She talks about supervising new play therapists. To learn how to become a play therapist, go to the Association for Play Therapy website. She provides supervision for both LPCs and Registered Play Therapists.

Christy also talks about how to develop a place in the life of a child where they can just breathe. Sometimes we get going so fast, it is difficult to slow down, but learning to practice play therapy at home, helps us to connect and to take a deep breath.

Learn about the newest things going on with Kathleen at LifeTree Counseling and with Phillip Crum at Content Marketing Coach. Don’t forget to listen to their weekly podcasts to find out more about the business of mental health in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

We hope you have as much fun listening to us as we had making this!

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