Parenting Facilitation at Acorn

A parenting facilitator is a neutral person to whom parents can turn when in dispute on matters relating to the children. The parenting facilitator will examine a case and follow the orders of the court to assist the parents in compliance with the orders. The parenting facilitator may also assist the parents in enhancing their coparenting relationship. Parenting facilitation is an attempt to coordinate and implement a coparenting plan that addresses current and future issues related to raising children between two homes. The role of the parenting facilitator is to help parents reach successful resolution of disagreements regarding parenting issues themselves. If authorized to do so by court order, the parenting facilitator may also make recommendations (other than those related to possession, custody, or access to a child) for the parents, in the event the parents are unable to agree on solutions.

Parenting facilitation does not involve adults’ property, finances, or other issues that do not directly involve coparenting.

 In order to begin services with families, please send a pdf of these files for each adult:

  1. Fully completed, non-modified, signed copy of the Advisement Form with initials on each page
  2. Fully completed Personal Information Form
  3. Copy of the signed court order
  4. General consent form
  5. Attorney release form with all attorneys of record listed
  6. Mental health professional release form for each individual listed on the personal data form
  7. Medical release form for each medical professional listed on the personal data form
  8. Release form for schools/teachers
  9. Completed Danger Assessment from each parent
  10. Retainer (per coparent)
parenting facilitation, coparenting, court ordered child services

Assuming Christy agrees to accept the referral, additional information may be required depending on the order of the Court. After a case has been accepted for services, parents or their lawyers must then provide any unaltered pertinent reports in electronic format via fax or e-mail. These may include additional intake information, affidavit material, records regarding either parent, records regarding the children, correspondence, reports, prior assessments, etc. These may be reviewed prior to setting meetings and charged to the parties.

Parent Facilitation requires coordination with the court. Monthly updates will be written and sent to attorneys and judge with an associated fee.

Homework may be assigned and reviewed at the next session. All members of the family will be involved at Christy’s discretion, unless specified by the court. Some sessions will be individual, some will be coparents, some will involve other members of the family, including children and noncoparent adults.

By the way of a release, all mental health professionals, judicial staff, attorneys, ad litems, visitation supervisors, medical professionals, child care providers, educators, day cares, and significant others involved, and previous or current custody evaluators are authorized to disclose information directly to the Parenting Facilitator. In turn, the Parenting Facilitator is authorized to discuss significant information with these individuals or service providers in order to assist in the process.

Acorn has a receptionist who can schedule phone conferences and first appointments. She can’t answer any questions or take money, and we do not converse about clients. Please be kind. Communication between guardians and Christy must be in person or in writing for clarity.

*Portions of these forms were inspired by or directly taken with permission from Between Two Homes.