Groups Support Change

Strengthening parents, families, children and adults occurs in community. Our own growth as professionals occurs mostly in groups and we want our clients to experience the same magical growth we have found.

Stronger Families Support Group

Are you Christian? Did one of your family members come out as homosexual, transgender, or queer? Are you having trouble maintaining an honest and open relationship? I’ve been there. I can relate. Talking to your church, you may hear that you should disown them. Talking to others, you may feel shamed for having mixed feelings. But the people in this support group can relate to what you are feeling. Sign up here for more information.

Teen Support Groups

We have multiple groups for teens to support their growth. Visit our Facebook page for signups and for information on dates.

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Check out our events, groups and learning opportunities!

Child Care Professional Training

Quality childcare makes a huge difference in our society. Christy contracts with area organizations to provide training in childcare. See her schedule and trainings on the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development website. Class topics include CPS Reporting for Childcare Professionals, Behavior Management for Childcare Professionals, and Mission Statements for Childcare Administrators. TECPDS approves each class for specific goals in professional development.

Small Business Consulting Classes

Helping others grow and run successful small businesses makes Christy smile. Watch for training on social media, networking, and mission statements.

Visit our Facebook page for for dates and information.

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Nutritional Support and Training

There is nothing Nutrition doesn’t help! JuicePlus is an amazing product that Christy has been using and distributing since 2014. The company provides its distributors with access to world class training and information on health and nutrition. Ready to start your One Simple Change? Call Christy and begin to see the changes that 32 Fruits and Vegetables can make in your health! Once you make contact, she can connect you to area training, online resources, and supportive others to help your simple changes become lifelong habits.

Call Christy Graham at 940-222-8703 ext. 700 or email Want more information? Go to Christy’s JuicePlus Webpage!