Many of us think of the word trauma and associate it with something big that has happened such as a car accident, divorce, abuse, or military combat. These are easily identifiable big traumas. There are also other traumas that may not be discussed as much but can have a significant impact upon a person’s life. These traumas aren’t always as obvious, such as disturbing family dynamics, surgical procedures, or comfort that we needed in a difficult time but did not get. When these traumas add up, they can leave a wound in our hearts which cause us to not function in the freedom or wholeness in which we would like.

Traumas become problems when we can’t operate in our regular capacities, may feel stuck, or some say they notice being overly triggered by situations. Have you ever felt like you were acting like a child in certain circumstances? Do you get overly angered or panicked? Sometimes it may be the opposite and we want to continually numb out on a drink or substance, watch Netflix nonstop for days on end, or go on a spending spree with money we don’t have. These are just some of the ways we avoid dealing with the emotions of trauma.

When our bodies are breaking down, we go to a medical professional to get help. Why is it when we are wounded from trauma, some still hesitate to go to a mental health professional for help? Our greatest healing and breakthrough can come when we address the wounds and losses that are wanting to be heard, processed, and transformed.

If you are feeling stuck or out of control at times, please give me a call at 940-222-8703, ext. 702. I believe there is a path toward healing.

Renee Pfeffer, M.A LPC Intern supervised by Eren Turner, M.A. LPC Supervisor

Renee Pfeffer, M.A LPC Intern supervised by Christy Graham, LPC Supervisor

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