Who does your marketing?

My first professional job was government agency helping people with counseling and education. After that, I worked at another large company. Surrounded by
great people, working in important work, never lacking for clients [the companies took care of the marketing], I was in heaven. Then I quit to have a more family-centered life as a hobby therapist. [My definition: working from home with minimal time at the office, focused on individual clients coming from insurance companies, no long range business plan.]

I do!

Now, I run a growing therapy office with 3 other practitioners. Working with my families continues to be extremely rewarding [and I still get to be at home a lot], but now, I get to intentionally grow my network of referrals by simply making friends. Several people who have started as marketing reps have called on me and we have made great friendships. Recently, one friendship has stood out.

Becka began working at a hyperlocal magazine [Argyle Living, Lake Cities Living, and Lantana Living] in May or June. I was one of her first stops. She talked up a magazine and process that she barely knew, but really connected with my office and mission. She came back with her boss, we made a deal, and now we are off to the races.

With her support and the support from Susan on the writing staff of the magazines, I write a monthly ask the expert article. We recently did a photo shoot and interview for the front page and today, out of the blue, she called me to do a short video for their Facebook. You might think this is just a great salesman, but she isn’t. She is just a great friend who sees opportunities and can communicate them to me.

Marketing intimidates me. Making friends and educating people inspires me. Friends like Becka allow me to do both and are a blessing from God.

Here are some of the pictures/videos from our photoshoot. And here is a link to the video from today. Thinking that marketing is a cold blooded, business activity without human contact? Think again. Get out there and make a few new friends. Who knows? You might get a video on Facebook out of it!

Photo Shoot with Argyle Living


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