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Good therapy is a lot of times about creating a vision of who you want to be and learning how to develop into that person. New Year Resolutions are great ways to do this without the help of a therapist, but without support, many of them go by the wayside.

We can help!

Our new program, PEP [Parent Education Program], focuses on providing useful information and tools to help you grow in your role as a leader in your family. Many people are seeing what a difference Lifestyle, Education, Attitude, and Nutrition can make in your life, so we’ve brought in a wonderful Peppy Speaker—Vivian Nichols. Vivian is a certified nutritionist who loves to teach and live out the ideals that Dr. Sears has developed at his Wellness Institute.

Saturday is our first foray into this new realm of psychoeducation for families. Please join us at 2 pm on Saturday, January 10th.

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