PEP-Parent Education Program

Ready for some college level parenting? Or simply want an accountability for what changes you are already making? Parents have a hard job and parent education is essential to feel confident. So hold onto your seat, we are bringing you PEP! PEP is our new parent education program where parents get some of the support and education they need from lots of different professionals.

L.E.A.N. Essentials

Our first foray into education is a hot topic for the start of the year. You know it–nutrition! What better way to start the year off right but to talk with a nutritionist? Vivian Nichols is a wonderful certified nutritionist who is trained to teach Dr. Sears’ L.E.A.N. Essentials program. She is going to talk about our learning, education, attitude and nutrition in a very peppy way. She actually can’t communicate any other way. Each family is $25 and the kids are welcome if they are 10 and up. We want to give whole families access to the great information that Mrs. Nichols has to offer. January 10th at 2 pm. You must register for the class by emailing or calling Heather McGilvray at 940-222-8703 or

We are also looking to develop more opportunities, so if you like this program, Mrs. Nichols may be coming back for a more indepth class on nutrition. Mealing planning and how to eat healthy and locally will also be focuses.

Active Lifestyles

Another aspect of a healthy life, is activity. Christy Graham is a devoted martial artist and believes that the family that ‘kicks together, stays together’! Marshall’s ATA may bring their healthy, active lifestyle approach into one of our PEPs this year as well. Keep a look out!

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