Online Scheduling with Acorn Counseling Education Services!


Our growing group of mental health and educational professionals is awesome! But this type of growth can be confusing, so here is a recap of how to make an appointment with one of our therapists. To schedule with an educational professional, please email Our office has hours from 7 to 8 pm, Monday through Friday, with hours on Saturday as needed.

Go to:

  1. Click on: find your therapist
  2. In the box under    [City]    Type in: Corinth
  3. Click on:  Christy A. Graham or Angela Reed or Laura Westbrook or Ashley Barclay

If this is the first time you are accessing Therapy appointment [even if you are a returning/continuing client]:

  1. Click on: Haven’t seen clinician before
  2. Click on: Register as a new patient/client
  3. Fill in blanks; be sure to include an email address, home address and at least one phone number.
  4. You will be asked for a login name and password.  Record these in an accessible, secure place.  You will need these when you make appointments and access your account.
  5. Describe the reason for the appointment in a sentence or two.
  6. A Thank You box appears.
  7. Click on: Complete Form now or Complete Form Later, set appointment
  8. If you complete form now
    1. In the section labeled symptoms, click the box for all that apply.  You may add additional symptoms in the boxes provided
    2. Enter blanks as appropriate
    3. Click send to clinician when complete
  9. Click set appointment
    1. Today’s date appears and any available time slots will appear.  You will need to call to confirm that the times are available.
    2. To select a different date, click the arrow pointing right and select the date you want your appointment.
    3. Available appointment times will appear.
    4. Click on the green cross to select appointment time
  10. When you complete selecting your appointment click on logout.

Once you have set-up an account, you may login to setup appointments, update contact information, send Mrs. Graham a secure email message, check on your account and make payments.

If you have any questions please email me at Christy at or call us at 940-222-8703.

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