Heather is my newest addition to a very full office (going to have to think about how to change that, huh?)  She learned about play therapy from the best play therapy school around, and she is a wonderful mother, as well. Her first day will be October 1st and I can’t wait! She is setting her fee schedule at $50 per individual session and $20 per group session. She is not taking insurance at this point. But the best part of her working here is that she is going to work Thursday, Friday and, yes, Saturday! Even better, she is thinking about working later on Thursday to accommodate people with busy schedules. If you’ve been waiting to go to therapy, or to take your little one to therapy, call and I can preschedule you an appointment with Mrs. Heather! So, with Heather you get play therapy, online appointment scheduling, low rates, and easy appointments!

Contact Christy at christy@acorncounseling.services or Heather at heather@acorncounseling.services to make an appointment. To learn more about Heather, look at her LinkedIn Page or go to our company page on LinkedIn.

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