Find your voice.

Your experiences, your life, your story, they are essential to who you are as a person and who and how we are meant to interact. Too often, I find that those who visit my office have learned early and well how to hide their true voices, to not see or feel their emotions, to hide their true stories.

In my personal life, I see this as well. How can others truly appreciate how God rescues you and saves you from the difficult times in life, if others don’t know your struggles, pain, and failures? Who ever taught us to be perfect or be silent? Are there conversations you avoid with your spouse, best friend, or children because it would reveal too much? Be too painful? Maybe those are the very conversations that would help your child to make sense of their world.

Call or come in to learn how to have the deepest, most meaningful conversations. Learn the skills and find the courage to be free and fearless. Use the comment section to voice wisdom that you have gained through a painful experience. Or better yet, write to me and I can post it anonymously on my page to help others.

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