First Moment

Dad looks at baby for the First Time

Some of the most effective treatments for children who are having emotional and behavioral problems are play therapy and filial therapy. The Center for Play Therapy has created a wonderful class that teaches the principles of play therapy to parents in Child Parent Relationship Training. Parents learn to use play to get into their child’s emotional world and, at the same time, practice therapeutic limit setting. We teach this 10 week course as a group or individually. CPRT What is it? can explain more about this class and Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT): A 10-Session Filial Therapy Model tells about the research behind CPRT. In The Efficacy of Play Therapy and Filial Therapy with Children: Summary of the Meta-Analytic Findings pg 1, Sue Bratton talks about how filial therapy should be used more often, as it can be more effective than play therapy alone.

CPRT is also a wonderful resource for training teachers and caregivers on how to establish firm limits while connecting emotionally with the child. This is one of the MOST effective ways to assist a child and a family in crisis, even more effective than play therapy, in some cases.

We offer this class all throughout the year. Please contact our office to discover when the next session begins.


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