4 Reasons Your Child Misbehaves & What You Can Do About It

It’s the third time this week and your boss is giving you a look that does not bode well. You rush out the door and climb into your hot car and take a big breath. Mama Bear is about to take over, but you are still unsure if that is the right tact. Maybe the daycare is right, maybe you haven’t been consistent enough, firm enough, there enough. But you know something isn’t right, and you are ready for it to be fixed. Swallowing tears of frustration, shame, sorrow, guilt, you wonder if he will be going back tomorrow. Your job won’t last too much longer if you keep taking off because of your child, but you won’t last longer if your child isn’t doing well. Wondering what you are going to do, you square your shoulders, prepare yourself and walk into the building.

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Choosing Your Child’s Mental Health Provider

You’ve just gotten of the phone with your boss. He isn’t happy you’ve taken off a day, but you’ve got to! Your oldest is home from day care and you don’t think they will let him back. You have to figure out what to do but can’t figure out what your next step is. You look at the screen and wonder, where do I go from here? You dial the pediatrician, and hope she has an idea or two.

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Reasons Your Child Misbehaves Part 3|3 Important I’s

You know your child is struggling, but what questions should you ask? What does the first session or

You are looking at the list of therapists on your insurance panel.  You are checking it against the list the pediatrician gave you and you can’t figure out who to call or even how to do this process. You suspect this isn’t like choosing a dentist, but you aren’t sure what you are looking for.
This is the last article in my 3 part series on Reasons Your Child Misbehaves. Hopefully, if you haven’t read the first two, you will go back and read them, but you won’t need to before you read this one.


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