Acorn Digital PaintingAcorn Education Digest March 2016 Click here to download in printable form our March Digest for 2016. It includes our schedule of events, introduces you to our newest counselor, Renee Pfeffer, and lets you look forward to our biggest month, April.

Here are some excerpts if you don’t want to print it out.

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Christy Graham, President of ACES

It’s Play Time!

This month we are focusing on my favorite activity: PLAY! You might wonder why an adult of my advanced years would be so excited about what most people see as a childhood only behavior. Wonder no more! Play is central to our experience as humans in several important ways.

First, it is the primary way we learn to interact socially with others. From our first peekaboo game to chicken scratch at the nursing home, we are playing to connect throughout our lives. Second, it is the first way we learn about concepts like math, physics, and the world around us. Hot wheels, Legos, and other building blocks help us to learn how to create and imagine and follow instructions. Third, it is important to how we learn to self soothe and control our emotions. We’ve all seen a game of catch become a wild exploration of how to throw the ball in crazy ways and still catch it! Finding ways to create frustration and learn to overcome it are central to the ‘fun’ of some games.

These reasons and so many more are why I am a therapist who uses play to effect change in clients. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find out more about play this month.

Christy Graham, LPC Supervisor Registered Play Therapist Supervisor

Christy Graham, LPC Supervisor Registered Play Therapist Supervisor

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