Parent Education Program Peppers

Parent Education Program Peppers

Around 2010, I decided to work on my own growth – personally, professionally, within my family. I spent so much time working to help my kids grow up into fully functional adults, assisting my clients in learning to deal with difficult situations, and supporting my husband. Many times I would feel guilty about simple self care. Realizing that I was hoping for something for my clients that I didn’t do for myself was really upsetting.

The first small change I made was to dream about what I really wanted from life, who I wanted to be when I died, and how I wanted to live before I got there. The dreams that came out of that included working in a team environment focused on strengthening each other and our clients, having healthy communication with my family and my friends, and living a health lifestyle that included diet and exercise.

Wow. That is an overwhelming goal and while I’m not there yet, the journey always begins with 1 simple change. Tai Kwon Doh, Group and Individual Counseling for personal growth, and eating healthier all began with 1 simple change. The simplest change out of all of these, was eating healthier. Most of the time, that isn’t the easiest change, but I did it the simplest way possible: adding 4 pills to my diet.

At first, these pills were not that easy. But as I begin to see the effects in my life and the lives of my family, it becomes more and more important. JuicePlus, a whole food supplement, adds a huge amount of organic vegetables and fruit into my diet. By doing that, I could give up special fiber pills and simply focus on drinking water. I also got to sponsor my kids on a huge study of children’s health, while receiving their JuicePlus for free.

While this isn’t a magic pill or medicine, it has focused my family on eating healthier. I believe it is the reason that I don’t have to take cholesterol pills and that my husband’s cancer screening went better this year. I fully expect that in the next few years there are more things I will miss-pills for headaches and aches and pains, pills for digestive problems, and possibly a lower risk for different types of cancer. There are studies that show this is the case. And I fully expect to receive things that I couldn’t expect-energy, vitality, better recovery from illness and a clean bill of health. What is our next step to a healthier lifestyle? Ask me next year.

Interested in learning more about JuicePlus? Visit my JuicePlus site or call me. I’ll talk your ear off about JuicePlus. 940-222-8703 ext 700.

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