MaryAnn Brooks Kildebeck, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Online Therapist, Texas and Oklahoma

Do you remember when your mom used to say, “My, how time flies!”? I do, and I remember thinking she was a little off for having said it, because as a kid, time didn’t seem to fly. Now I can see her perspective. I have been a therapist for more than 28 years, and these years have certainly gone fast!

Hard to imagine that I have been working with families for more than a quarter of a century! I have been very involved in helping families to either stay intact; or work through a divorce; and then sometimes working with them in co-parenting efforts after a divorce. I have extensive experience in creating effective parenting schedules, teaching ways to resolve conflict, helping clients improve methods to communicate effectively and deepen respect for each other.

Even when things look bleak, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel if you know how to look for it and are willing to focus on it. I am a Christian, and always use my own faith to deepen my strength in navigating through my own life; I use it as well in having a sense of peace and calm in helping others.

I honor and encourage all clients I work with to resource their own spirituality in developing a healthy perspective and in developing new ways to deal with stress, sorrow and even despair at times. Our faith can help us to heal our hurts from and towards others. I believe strongly in the power of apology and forgiveness, but my perspective on those two might be different than what you first think when you
hear the words “apology” and “forgiveness.”

If you think we are a good fit, please go the patient portal and schedule an appointment. I look forward to possibilities of mutual growth if we work together.


Licensed in Oklahoma and Texas