Irada Chen (Wattanavitukul),  Ph.D., LPC, LMHC

Growing up without a clear diagnosis, Irada faced challenges that shaped her journey. As a child, she faced adversity when she was expelled from school in Thailand because of her poor academic performance. She was judged harshly by unfair teachers who labeled her as lazy, rebellious, and even intellectually disabled. Despite the absence of support and understanding, she persevered, ultimately moving to the United States seeking opportunities for growth and success. Once she received an appropriate diagnosis, she discovered that with treatment and support, she could excel at a high level.

Her professional journey began in Hawaii, where she worked with Child Protective Services (CPS), gaining valuable insights into family dynamics and child welfare. Transitioning to the legal arena, Irada’s expertise expanded as she navigated court systems, advocating for the well-being of vulnerable individuals and families.

Later, her focus shifted to assessment centers within hospitals, where she honed her skills in neuropsychological evaluations, particularly in ADHD and learning disorders. Recognizing the importance of accurate testing, Irada is committed to creating programs at Acorn that strengthen individuals, families, and communities through comprehensive and ethical assessments.

At Acorn, Irada aims to provide ADHD and psychological testing services, empowering others to understand their unique challenges and unlock their full potential.