Acorn Counseling Education Services is committed to strengthening our community through education via our email list. One of our favorite ways to educate Denton, Corinth and the surrounding areas is to provide easy to understand, evidence based information about mental health. We send out emails, promote events, and run groups that can help provide the support all of us need.Our newsletter typically have 2 short blogs on evidenced based, christian counseling, as well as a calendar of events for the next month.

Interested in receiving these emails? Please sign up! Have a question or concern you would like us to address? Email We love to be responsive to our community! Have a great event you want on our calendar, email us! We love to come and promote our friends and neighbors.

*Please remember that this is our educational list and not HIPAA compliant communications. Clients, referral sources, friends of the company are all appropriate to be on this list, but just because you are on the list doesn’t imply anything about which one of these relationships you have with us.

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