New Education

/Weimage004llness Program 2017

Change is hard. Many of us are working on making changes to our lives in the new year, and it can be really difficult to do. Need some help? We offer a free support service where our clinicians help to empower your resolution through supportive communications! You tell us your resolution, give us your information and we either call you once a month for 3 months to encourage, support and educate you on your change or we can email you some encouragement once a week for those 3 months.

Change is hard. But just the right support can make it manageable! FYI, even though clinicians are the ones handling this support, this is NOT counseling and should not be seen as a substitute for counseling. Education and support can be very effective ways to change your life!

To sign up for this educational program, please fill out this form. Tell us your resolution, give us your contact information and let us know if you would like us to call or email you. It is just that simple!

For more support/education on change, read this blog by Renee Pfeffer, LPC Intern or call our intake line at 940-222-8703. Our counselors have open appointments. Simply go to the pull down menu, pick your counselor, create a profile and schedule an appointment. Therapy Appointment does all the rest.

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