When I what God wants for Christmaswas a kid, Mom had an Advent Calendar where we put gifts to each other for each day of December. It also had scriptures to teach us about the Season and to prepare us to understand what Christmas was all about. I wanted to do the same thing for my family, so I got a big Advent Calendar house with doors and put the scriptures in it and talked about the gifts we could do. We do those but sometimes, I like to switch it up and read a devotion from our church and add in other Advent Activities.

My favorite activity right now is the ‘What God Wants for Christmas‘ box. It has wonderful rhymes to read and hands on figures to help illustrate and make real the story of Jesus’ birth. You can use it as a nightly reading for a week or you can read it all at once. There are scriptures that go with each day that you could have an older child find and read. And while you are unveiling the Christmas story, you are also teaching them about how you feel about Jesus and about them. This type of activity will remind you of the Resurrection Eggs and other newer ways to describe scriptural truths using developmentally appropriate methods.

I’d love to see pictures of your seasonal traditions-for Advent or otherwise! Learning from each other is one of the great joys of relationships.

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