I’m Christy Graham, founder of Acorn Counseling and therapist since the last century-barely. Acorn provides court involved treatment and services such as individual and family counseling, parent facilitation, and supervised visitation. If you have questions about these services, see this page or email me at christy@acorncounseling.services. Developing skill in working in court involved treatment takes many years and lots of humility. We are sharing some of the basics with other clinicians, so they can feel more confident in providing high quality court involved treatment to complex families.


You call Triple A when you’ve got an emergency on the Road. When a therapist has a situation we don’t know how to handle with a court involved situation, we call our peers for help. For me, that is MaryAnn or Pam-fellow Acorns, or members of TAFF or North Texas FIT. All of these clinicians work in court involved treatment and we share a lot of information to help each other not step in it.

Other times we look to attorneys we know for answers to questions about court involved situations. So I thought it might be helpful for others to see some of our conversations. These conversations are not legal advice, just a reflection of what has been helpful to know in general. Some are mental health professionals with experience in court involved cases. Some of our guests are attorneys with extensive legal experience that intersect court involved treatment. And at some point, we hope to get some judges to answer questions as well.

We decided to share these conversations with other mental health practitioners to help demystify the court involved treatment process. And if families watch as well, all the better. “The more you know”, right?

Next steps

At the moment, these videos are free on our website. To be sure you get them when they come out, join our mailing list! If you have questions you want us to ask, just email me! If you are an attorney and would love to have a conversation with me, email me! I can’t wait to begin these conversations. Christy Graham, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor Court Involved Treatment Provider

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