We work with families and children who struggle with anxiety and feeling safe in the world. This focus has led me to keep abreast of the scientific community’s suggestions about responses to CoVid19 and I wanted to share some of our planning at Acorn. Want to find out what is out there about CoVid19 and how you can respond? Here are 2 websites that I am looking at frequently:

CDC Novel Coronavirus

People at Risk for Serious Illness

Our Prevention Plans

1. Our parents are great about keeping sick kids at home. Our staff promises to stay home if we are contagious [have a fever] and we ask that all adults who are contagious stay home as well. Get better and come on in! We can arrange video conferencing if necessary to continue treatment. [See below]

2. When I get in the office, I spray disinfectant on all frequently touched surfaces in the waiting room and bathroom.

3. We have hand sanitizer if necessary, but we request that everyone wash hands before session. Also, toys that are played with will be sanitized with bleach between sessions.

4. In accordance with guidelines, we ask that anyone who comes in person signs this form and complies with local ordinances. An ordinance requiring masks be worn is in effect.

What happens if there is a quarantine?

1.  We provide healthcare, so you would be able to attend your sessions no matter what. Please remember that situations like this can exacerbate mental health issues. Missing or reducing your mental health appointments is not recommended. See the CDC’s advice about Mental Health and Coping during CoVid19: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/about/coping.html

2. Most sessions can be done online, if requested. Please fill out the informed consent for your clinician [Dr. Pam  Mrs Christy] and follow these simple instructions to set up your online session. Scheduling works the same as always except you might remind us to send you a link to our RingCentral Schedule.

3. We’ve been asked if we are still seeing new clients and in person clients. We are accepting new clients, both telehealth and in person. Our criteria for in person session includes age, therapeutic interventions, health of the individual, and therapeutic needs. Typically, we see under 8 and EMDR clients in person and can meet the needs of other clients online. We are also offering 30 minute parenting support calls if requested to help those parents who just have a few questions. (Update: Please keep kids home or in the car who are not coming to therapy.) If you are coming in person, feel free to wear a mask or ask your clinician to don theirs as well.

Anxiety is a healthy emotion. It helps us to pay attention to danger and to make a safety plan and keep to it. However, like all good things it can get out of control. If you find yourself focusing on this to the exclusion of other things, if you are constantly searching for the next theory of what is happening, or thoughts of this effect your daily life, please contact us. We can help you make a safety plan that is evidence based and keep your anxiety to the appropriate and helpful level.


Email christy@acorncounseling.services   with any questions or concerns about Acorn’s preparedness plan. Acorn and CoVid19

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