Groups and family systems support change in many different ways. Acorn’s groups for the fall provide education and support to change the way you interact with those around you. Jeannine Gambles presents groups that teach teens and parents how to Turn Transitions Into Triumph. Dr Pam Rinn provides one parenting group a month to support parents in creating Stronger Families: Parenting Stronger Families.


Jeannine M. Gambles, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist- Associate

Turning Transitions Into Triumphs is what Jeannine has learned to do in her own life. Waking up the day after a championship basketball game where she coached high school students, to find that she was being called to active duty in Iraq, Jeannine knows how to transition. Come learn with your teen about communication, technology and triggers, and balancing sports and family. Each session is taught first to the parents and then to the teens.

Sessions start Tuesday, October 14th from 6-7 for parents and Saturday October 19th from 10-11 for teens. An intake appointment is needed prior to starting the $30 group.

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Dr. Pam Rinn, PhD Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Dr. Pam Rinn has spent much of her adult life teaching caregivers to children. She applies that amazing experience now to families. Come on by Acorn the first Thursday of the month from 5-6 and learn cutting edge ways to work with your child. Some of our next topics are Emotional Dysregulation, Sensory Integration, and Celebrating Strengths. Register for this educational class online-no intake needed. Only $50 per class!

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