Acorn Speaks For The Children

Counseling/Reunification Counseling

Families are the best place to raise kids and in times of transition, they need help. We strive to get into the child’s world by getting to know them, and the people they love. In Counseling, parents are encouraged to participate at equal levels while still allowing each parent to develop a relationship with the therapist. In Reunification, we work to reconnect disconnected families, step by step. Acorn uses best practices designed to lower conflict in high conflict situations, even when court involved.

Supervised Visitation

Unfortunate events occur and sometimes, parents need time to get themselves back together. Acorn’s supervisors provide low cost, high quality supervision by college students and above. A homelike environment and quiet, professional supervision make supervised visitation a positive experience. Our 3 level program may have just what this family needs. Download our Supervised Visitation Policies for more information.

Questions or Concerns

These complex situations can become very confusing and and are very individual. Any questions or concerns can be quickly dealt with by calling Christy Graham, president of Acorn Counseling Education Services at 940-222-8703 ext. 700. You may also email