Does it seem that the world just keeps spinning faster and there is less time to do the things you’d like to do- like spending time with your significant other? Have you forgotten why you got together in the first place? Maybe you are wondering “Where did the Love go?” Well… you are not alone. Before you ask, there is no age limit on the ZING Factor. Couples of all ages are looking for Spark, being in their Element, feeling Alive, and Laughter. So let’s look at how some couples learned to S.E.A.L. the zingy-relationship-deal.

S- is for SPARK

Spark is that quality where you feel your best. It may have nothing to do with your job or career. Interestingly, children and youth get the idea of Spark better than adults. Spark is a foundational element for Thrivology (Yes, it’s a thing- look it up ).

E- is for being in your ELEMENT

In a recent seminar I attended, Esther Perel noted that “nothing is sexier that your partner shining in his or her element.” Identify those strengths can help get you back on the path to a more fulfilling relationship.

A- is for ALIVE

When couples feel disconnected one or both may start looking for that Zing in places outside the marriage or committed relationship. To help couples navigate how to be a couple and keep that “alive” feeling going, Drs. John and Julie Gottman, co-founders of the Gottman Institute have a free email newsletter to help navigate the couple relationship.

L- is for LAUGHTER

When was the last time you laughed with your partner? A Huffington Post article announces that “Research Proves that Couples That Laugh Together Are In It For The Long Haul”.
Humor that couples create together is what helps forms that lasting bond. Laughing together is a good sign that the Spark is alive.

Now What?

Dr. Pam offers counseling for families who are going through a rough time. Dr Pam Rin PhD LMFT Associate

I can help you figure out how to S.E.A.L. your relationship and get back on track with the relationships that is fulfilling and satisfying for both partners.
If you are interested in learning more about marriage and couples therapy please call me for a 15 minute consultation or to set up an appointment. 940-222-8703 Ext. 705

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