Let’s face it, summer can be really HOT. Other than that, what do you remember about summer as a child? Were you outside more with friends, at summer camp, or in a child care center going on field trips. During the busy school year, there is a rhythm and routine associated with school activities and academic priorities. Summertime is a bit different. For me, summertime provided a time to take a breath and discover new things or get really good at things that I’d been practicing.

Bikes and Rose Bushes   

Remember your first bicycle without the training wheels? It was during the summer that I mastered the art of the turn without running into something. We had a long driveway lined with bushes. Unfortunately, during the “tip and crash” phase there was a thorny rose bush involved. That was one of those s-l-o-w—m-o-t-i-o-n crashes. Several bandages later I was able to ride with the big kids. What a huge summertime milestone for me. Not only the bike riding skill but the trust my parents had in me to follow the safety rules and to check-in while playing with my neighborhood friends. My Dad took the time to tell me the important rules and we had an understanding about the consequences of breaking them. As most kids do, I forgot to put my bike up one night… guess what… I learned what it was like to not have my bike for a few days. I survived and learned boundaries and responsibility.

I think it was around this time when I started plinking around on the piano (yes, partially to annoy my parents) but then discovered I really liked making music. Something magical (or musical) can come from “boredom” and being unplugged.

Summer Band      

Fast forward a few years, another summer memory has to do with high school summer band. If any of you are “Band Kids” or have kids in band then you know what I’m talking about. Weeks before the start of school, groups of high school students converge at school for skills practice (band, football, cheer leading, etc.) Sunscreen, cool clothing, and goofy hats required! There was marching practice in the morning and evening and section rehearsals in between. I remember this time so vividly because I felt such a sense of belonging. I learned servant leadership, humility, compassion, responsibility, accountability, persistence, and delayed gratification. I also learned to stay clear of the brass section (spit valves), always have an extra reed (squeaks and squawks are embarrassing), and always arrive early (running laps is not fun).

As a teenager, I was seeking my individual identity while wanting to belong to a group, too. Fortunately, I could be myself and still fit in with the diversity that is Band. Navigating those social waters was hard at times, I’m not going to lie, but with support of family and a few really good friends I learned resiliency, discovered my gifts and talents, and the power of God’s grace.

Now What?

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