A parent picks up a child from Mother’s Day Out.

A normally high energy child plops down on my chair and sighs. Their head hits the couch behind them and he refuses to meet my eyes. “Hard day, huh?” “Mom” the small voice sighs. “Am I going to Hell?” My heart stops and I immediately picture myself calling that ‘so called teacher’ and letting Mama Bear out. Thank God for second thoughts-“Why do you ask?” I remember to stay right there, with my son’s feelings and listen. “I got in trouble again today,” he looks at his hands and swings his feet. “Oh. You think if you make a mistake you might be a bad person?” I put my arm around him and snuggle in. He nods. “Well, we all make mistakes. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23… I spend a while explaining as his face brightens and he skips away.

Being a parent is tough. Figuring out how to teach your child about the world feels impossible some days. The story here shows a Christian mom using scripture to explain her world view. Wish you could do the same thing? I’ll give you a few steps to be prepared and a download where you can get scriptures on hand to use. Then, we’ll talk about how to get ongoing help because parenting never stops.

  1. Know what you believe. Yup, the first step to teaching a world view is self reflection. If your life revolves around something, you need to talk to your child about why. For some its the arts or education or volunteering, for others it is pouring into the family all your time and energy. Make a list of your priorities, the things that make the world run for you, and commit to them.
  2. Decide how to communicate this to them. If your world view includes the need for time in nature and peaceful reflection, take your kids on a getaway but also teach them to be mindful where they are. If a religious community or faith colors the way you see the world, tell the stories and use the quotes and songs and rituals to teach those beliefs. Think deeply about what strengthens your faith and share those things.
  3. Talk about current events and how you see them often. Your child needs and wants to understand how you see the world. Paint the picture for them and then apply these principles, daily, weekly, monthly.

This sounds easy, but really it isn’t. I’ve been a Christian for 41 years, attended several churches, and study the Bible on a regular basis. Living with and knowing and applying what I believe consistently is hard enough but teaching and passing that on to others? But who else is going to explain my world to my children? After we talk and walk together, maybe they will begin to live out my world view in a totally unexpected way.

Now What?

I don’t know how to teach every world view to kids. But here is a help if you are a Christian. You can download this and print on 4X6 cards [2 sided] and use them to remember important scripture.

Christy Graham LPCS Registered Play Therapist Supervisor works with families at Acorn Counseling to help children with behavioral or emotional issues. Using the world view of the family, Christy and the parents design a treatment plan for their child. Think you might want to consult with her on your child? Call 940-222-8703 ext 700 or email christy@acorncounseling.services. Together we can strengthen Denton County’s children, families and community.

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