As we all get ready to kick off the New Year, I am reminded of how truly blessed I am and how I take many little things for granted. We assume that we will have running water, food, and a place to live. A family that loves, supports, and holds me accountable just seems to come with the territory. Most of us get to determine our lifestyle by the choices we make regarding our friendships and financial decisions. We all have the opportunity to wake up each day and decide how we will spend the 24 hours we have. This blog is not about resolutions because, if you are like me, we feel bad around February because we have not gone to the gym, lost 20 pounds, or whatever. This blog is about stepping out and letting my light shine and truly focusing on the mind-body-spirit connection.

Lighting the Mind

I want to keep my mind sharp and learn new things. Research shows that brain cells and neural connections die if not stimulated. It is so easy to get sucked into mindlessly watching TV, playing video games, or scrolling through social media. I choose to put firm limits on passive activities that do not challenge my thinking or serve others. No, I’m not an anti-media fanatic but I realized over the past year that the “books read” list is much shorter than last year and the “going to read” list is way larger. Reading is a brilliant way to keep the mind sharp and the imagination strong. It all starts with Staying Sharp and lighting the mental spark that combines relaxing, discovering, connecting, eating right, and moving.

Lighting the Body

Part of letting my light shine is to pay attention to what I’m doing to my body. I’m not fanatical about this either but I do know there is room for improvement in what I choose to eat and how I get moving. This is where self-compassion really is needed. Pictures of unrealistic body images are everywhere in today’s society. Don’t get tripped up in these images. The goal is to be healthy and strong. I choose to be the best ME I can be TODAY…that’s all I can focus on. For me, I want to be more mindful to get up and move, stretch, and cut out some of the junk that’s in my pantry. Here is a link to Blue Zones Project with more tips and tricks. I’m also going to dust off some of those pleasurable hobbies- where did I put that tire pump for my bicycle?!

Lighting the Spirit

For me, there is no separation between the mind-body-spirit. These three elements work together and provide the foundation for my life. My spirit shines brightest when I serve others.  For me to serve I have to make sure my spiritual tank is full. I have to say “no” to some things so that I can say “yes” to the really important things. Call it logic, discernment, or making good choices but I call it being led by the Holy Spirit. I have to be prayerful and tuned in so that I have faith that “… in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 Balancing my mind, body, and spirit is my goal for 2019 so that my light can brightly shine.

Now What?

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