One in a million

One in a million

Bless those who bless you! Showing gratitude is an important way of cementing, acknowledging and growing a relationship. Therapy is at its core a very personal relationship and while you do attend, work on issues, and pay for services, there are other ways to show gratitude.

First, let your provider know how you feel about them–good and bad. It is a profound honor to be trusted with honest feedback and opinions from those we serve. Let us know how to improve and your favorite parts of what we already do.

Second, we use a lot of art supplies and activities to work out our feelings. If you have left over art supplies, crayons you would like to throw away, egg cartons, empty boxes, toys, miniature figures, even toothpicks [unused], we could find a way to use them. Bring them in and give them to Christy.

Third, we recommend books, devotionals, articles, etc. If you have a great article, or a book you don’t need but really enjoyed, let us know. Maybe we could find someone who could use it.

Fourth, recommend us to friends, family, co-workers, doctors, etc. Your recommendation and referral means more than someone who can’t talk about our services and approach to helping. Write an anonymous recommendation on a website, login and put up a comment on an article you particularly enjoyed, retweet or share a piece of information that you liked.

Fifth, Pray for us. Our company is set to grow, but we only want to grow in positive, Christ Centered ways. Your prayers will help us to find the right associates, right offices, good therapeutic interventions, and help us avoid pitfalls. We covet your prayers, good thoughts, and positive regard.

Have a wonderful week!

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