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Your child struggles at school but you KNOW, it isn’t just bad behavior or lack of ability. He can complete some assignments easily and can explain complicated concepts. Then there are the standardized tests – they never show his abilities, and he is beginning to say things like: “I’m stupid.” “I’ll never get it right.” “Help!”

If this sounds familiar, we may be able to help. Our assessments are tailored to your age and cultural background, accurately evaluating your condition. We also offer a range of specialized services, including parent coaching and therapy. Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible care.

Mini-ADHD Assessment:  Child, Adolescent, and Adult

If you or your child suspect ADHD but are unsure, our mini-ADHD assessment provides a preliminary indication of whether enough symptoms are present to warrant a complete ADHD evaluation.

This assessment includes a testing session and a written report that can be shared with therapists, psychiatrists, or educational professionals. This report assists parents and professionals to determine if a full evaluation is needed and gives an overview of needs. It does not provide the specificity needed to identify specific accommodations.

ADHD Comprehensive Assessment

Our comprehensive ADHD assessment aims to provide a thorough evaluation, resulting in a comprehensive diagnosis, appropriate educational accommodations, and targeted treatment recommendations. An appropriate ADHD diagnosis can be life-changing, empowering individuals to manage their symptoms effectively.

Career Counseling Assessment

Our career counseling assessment assists high school juniors and seniors in developing clear goals for their college and career. Our focused approach allows students and parents to tailor their applications for college to just the right major to unlock their true potential. 

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The  Assessment process at Acorn involves three stages:

Initial Consultation

Schedule an initial consultation with our clinical staff with parents or adults to discuss concerns, gather relevant information, and determine the most suitable assessment approach. This allows us to tailor the assessments  to the individual, taking into account your cultural background, age, and life experience. We strive to provide a comprehensive, unbiased evaluation that accurately reflects your abilities and potential. We are committed to helping you reach your fullest potential.


Our testing protocol, informed by the information from the consultation, will be an online, easy to administer set of tests. Our clinician will create an individualized protocol for your goals and needs.

Feedback and Recommendations

Following the assessment, we will analyze the data and prepare a comprehensive report. You will then have a feedback session with the evaluator, during which the evaluator will discuss the findings and diagnosis and provide personalized recommendations for treatment and support. The report and recommendations can sometimes be directly shared with relevant parties, such as schools, educational professionals, or legal representatives.

We understand that the cost of assessments and testing can be a concern. While our fees reflect the high quality of our services and expertise, we strive to ensure accessibility. It’s important to note that the costs associated with testing cover specialized and validated assessments and the time required for data interpretation and report writing (typically 10-20 pages). The total hours of each case is 5-10+ hours. We are committed to transparent billing practices and will provide detailed information about the expected costs during the initial consultation. When possible, we employ high quality assistants to lower costs without compromising the quality of the report.

Distinctives at Acorn

  1. Training and experience with nonverbal and second language clients.
    • Our assessment clinician speaks fluent Thai and English, and has a conversational understanding of Mandarin. Her work has included testing both nonverbal and second language clients.
  2. Coordination.
    • We offer the opportunity for consultation with other service providers, as we strive to assist the whole system in addressing needs and goals for our clients.
    • We routinely assist school districts and other educational professionals in finding ways to accommodate our client’s needs.
  3. Availability.
    • Our assessment clinician primarily works online, making appointments easy and available to a large group of clients.
    • She is also licensed in several states.

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