Amanda Golden de Duke

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern Supervised By Christy Graham, LPCS RPTS

Does your child seem distant, angry, or difficult to understand? Through joy and play, I work to connect with children to assess where they are at and guide them to achieve closer relationships, more self control, and better communication. I offer therapy for children ranging from trauma recovery to social interaction and building communication skills and relational understanding.

If your child seems “buried” within themselves and is isolating themselves more and more, or if you notice they are nervous or showing strange behavior, bring them to me and we will work together to bring your child on a path of healing and restoration back to who they truly are. Through play, art, and conversation I can help your child overcome their obstacles; ranging from social and behavioral issues to mood and impulse control.

I am also happy to counsel those struggling to decide which area to study or career to choose onward to a path they feel confident is right for them as they get ready to launch on their own. Together, we will set goals and discuss practical ways to take steps toward your desired progress. No judgement; I am here to connect with you and journey alongside you as you take steps toward healing and wholeness.

I am genuine and caring and would be delighted to meet you.

Hola, soy Amanda y quiero ayudarte. La familia es lo mas importante en este mundo. Quieres conectarte con tus hijos/hijas? Si tu hijo/hija esta con dolor, aislado, o no sabes por lo que esta pasando, quiero y puedo ayudarte. Soy Amanda Duke, LPC Intern (aprendiz de Consejeria profesional con licencia), que significa que tengo un supervisor, su nombre es Christy Graham LPC-S que me ayudara a ayudarte, hasta ser completamente una Consejera Profesional con Licencia. Conozco los pro y contra de vivir en una casa bi-cultural. Tengo la certeza que puedo ayudarte a conectarte contigo mismo y con tu familia y de esta manera tengan vida y vivan en abundancia.