A man had a tenacious dream to open his own restaurant in New Orleans but real estate was pricey.  A few years ago, he made it to the show “Chopped”.  He planned to use the winnings as a downpayment for his dream.  He made it to the final round but cut his finger so badly he could not complete his dish.  He was initially discouraged seeing his dream slip away.  However, he received accolades from the judges for the part of the dish he was able to create.  That bit of encouragement fueled his initiative and he made a choice.  He would open his dream restaurant anyway.  He sought financing and partners and was able to make his dream happen!

My husband and I heard this story a few weeks ago when we took a trip to New Orleans.  What an amazing city, rich with culture!  A friend took us to that very restaurant, which is thriving, and we enjoyed the fruits of his labor.

Why Share This?

You’re likely wondering why I’m sharing this story with you.  Hearing it encouraged me to be tenacious.  Things don’t generally occur in the way we think they will.  It’s what we choose to do when faced with adversity that builds our root character.  Do we run into the challenge or away from it?  What character do others see in you?  What do you see in yourself?  What would you like to see?  Would you like help in cultivating character in your children?

Get Support To Live Tenaciously

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