Ashley Barkley is on a mission. A former school counselor and Acorn’s adolescent therapist, Ashley wants to help our high school and middle school students end school violence. They can change the face of our schools. She talks about empowering students to fight school violence with social skills. She has a 5 step process to be the change we all want to see for our kids!

  1. Diversify.
  2. Facilitate empathy for others.
  3. Listen.
  4. Move!
  5. Family first.

Want to be a part of this or interested in helping your kids to learn how to change your school? Parents are invited to an informal group on May 16 from 5 to 5:50 to talk with Ashley. Interested as a teen? Ashley will be getting us information on a group this summer that will be exclusively for students. Email Ashley today to reserve a spot or get on a list for information!

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