"I’m so overwhelmed! Our marriage is over, and I just don’t know what to do."

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Acorn helps others and we can help you too. Our skilled dedicated counselors and educators guide families through rough transitions, from custody issues to behavior issues to helping with anxiety and depression. We work to bring the whole family onto the same team to explain some of life’s toughest challenges.

How do I get my child to go to the other home?

Why is the day after visitation so hard?

Is the divorce my fault?

We teach co-parenting skills, provide supportive therapy throughout the most difficult times of your life, and at the end, we help you find your new normal.

Christian Counseling from an evidence-based perspective.

Acorn’s Christian counselors know how healing scripture can be. We also use the latest in research to help you! Simply let us know if you want to incorporate your world view, and we will help you pair the latest research with time honored truths. 

Our family is changing. Can you help?

Acorn has experience collaborating with schools, courts, and childcare agencies. We work with teams of professionals easily, even if they include lawyers, judges and other court-involved professionals. Moments of change in a family often involve multiple professionals, and our experience and training in working with these teams can greatly benefit our clients!

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Acorn’s clinicians work together providing education, counseling for the whole family, and group therapy so you can take the next step. Find free content in our counseling and education blog and sign up to get blogs and event updates by email. If these resources aren’t enough, book online or call for a 15 minute consultation to talk about the many services we have to help your family.

If we can’t help you, we know who in Denton County can! Please call us at 940-222-8703 or email christy@acorncounseling.services.