DBT Skills: Communicating Expectations and Needs

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Often, when we need something from someone else, the way we are communicating is the strongest predictor of whether or not we will get it. It doesn’t matter if this is a simple request for a listening ear or a serious plea for someone to acknowledge your needs. In the realm of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, […]

Step 2 to Tough Talks: Be Clear

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Parents in the past have talked about tough talks without being clear. You know the obscure metaphor of the birds and the bees? I’ll bet you have examples right now of metaphors and obscure references adults used to teach you about important topics that still confuse you. Today, you will learn 3 steps to being […]

Step 1 to Tough Talks: Be Honest

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Mom waits nervously in the car. Today is the day she has been planning for ages: the day she has a tough talk with her child about the big family secret. They have a date set up and Mom has planned this out meticulously. She wonders if she has waited too long and how her […]

Find Your Voice in Counseling

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Find your voice. Your experiences, your life, your story, they are essential to who you are as a person and who and how we are meant to interact. Too often, I find that those who visit my office have learned early and well how to hide their true voices, to not see or feel their […]