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Have you ever felt “not good enough, I should have known better” or something similar to that? Do you ever wonder where those feelings come from? Usually it comes from an experience you have had in the past where something happened or was said to you where you felt responsible, wrong, unsafe, or not in […]

Trauma Redefined

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Many of us think of the word trauma and associate it with something big that has happened such as a car accident, divorce, abuse, or military combat. These are easily identifiable big traumas. There are also other traumas that may not be discussed as much but can have a significant impact upon a person’s life. […]

Trauma: Harry Potter and The Magical Child

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Harry sits watching his teachers celebrate the life of an impossibly huge arachnid. His feet swing and he seems almost gleeful. He has a plan and he has magic. These two together can shape the behavior of an accomplished, intelligent adult and make him do what he doesn’t want to do-tell a secret about He […]

Stress and Depression

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Someone once said that depression is your system being pressed down. That is so true! Depression can make you feel exhausted and everything you try to do can feel hopeless. There are many types of depression but almost all have one root cause and that is stress. Any continuation of high stress that wears you […]