School Violence: Bringing Light to a Dark Issue

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Every day, headlines are becoming more devastating in the realm of school climate.  Polarizing politics involving gun control and mental health regulations, make us overwhelmed and incapable of making positive and lasting changes.  As a parent and mental health professional, I began thinking about what I could do. These are a few ideas that can […]

When Tragedy Strikes in our Communities

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Videos on the news, information on the internet, guns firing into crowds of people because of fear, hate and anger.  People hurting others. When bad things happen, how do we deal with them? This is at the heart of how we deal with each other and at the heart of our society in general.   […]

Tragedy: When a Child Dies

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A Community Changes We were having an afternoon like any other Sunday afternoon, when my husband read his email. He called me over, had me read it and we hugged. Then we quickly got the kids to eat, change, and go to a candlelight vigil for a family from our school. A child we have […]

One Small Family’s Response to Paris

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Sitting on a train, a group of friends sees a person seeking power and control over a crowd. Watching a soccer match, a loud noise interrupts. Eating dinner at a café, a person screams and a crowd begins to run as bullets fly. People climb out an attic and over a wall to escape a […]