Tae Kwon Do and the Brain: Part 2

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Months ago, I wrote about my experiences at my dojang, a place of instruction for Tae Kwon Doh. I promised a follow up to continue the important discussion of how martial arts can rewire our brains and help us in our daily lives. My dojang is still a big part of my life. I go […]

This Is Your Brain On Play Therapy

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Last week was amazing! Learning about how the brain develops in order and through experience of things like play therapy. We always think of the brain as being a static organ, but experience–the books we read, the places we go, the people we meet, and the games we play–rewrite the pathways of our thoughts. It […]

Rules = Joy | Play Therapy Taught Me. . .

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2014 marks the year that I will have practiced as a therapist for 15 years. Six months as a practicum student, 18 months as an intern, another year learning about play therapy, but I saw my first clients in 1999. What are the biggest lessons I’ve learned in all that time listening and feeling with […]