Tough Talks: Focus

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Focus. My husband teaches photography at a local high school. He repeats over and over instructions on how to get a beautiful, clear picture. He teaches focusing with different kinds of cameras, but he also talks about different points of focus, and how to use elements in the photo to draw the observer’s eye to […]

Step 2 to Tough Talks: Be Clear

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Parents in the past have talked about tough talks without being clear. You know the obscure metaphor of the birds and the bees? I’ll bet you have examples right now of metaphors and obscure references adults used to teach you about important topics that still confuse you. Today, you will learn 3 steps to being […]

Step 1 to Tough Talks: Be Honest

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Mom waits nervously in the car. Today is the day she has been planning for ages: the day she has a tough talk with her child about the big family secret. They have a date set up and Mom has planned this out meticulously. She wonders if she has waited too long and how her […]

One Small Family’s Response to Paris

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Sitting on a train, a group of friends sees a person seeking power and control over a crowd. Watching a soccer match, a loud noise interrupts. Eating dinner at a café, a person screams and a crowd begins to run as bullets fly. People climb out an attic and over a wall to escape a […]

Communicating with Your Teens

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Debbie Hundley LPC-Intern Supervised by Christy Graham LPC-S Teens are rare creatures; naturally rebellious while longing for acceptance. As parents, we want to do everything we can to make sure our children are successful, happy, and excel in life. Those things are great, but sometimes, more than needing us to push them forward, our teens […]

Acorn September 2015 Newsletter

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Acorn-Education-Newsletter-September-2015 Click on our link to the new newsletter! We are so excited because we are moved IN! Brad Andrus has done an amazing job and we are so blessed to have such a beautiful space to meet with our families. God is good! If it has been a while, come by and see how […]

Story Time: Prepare Your Child for School

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Story Time: We are all running around, making final preparations for our children to go to school. Doctor visits, school supplies, meeting teachers – Summer is over and we have to get back to work, just like our kids. In all the lists of things to buy, transport, and get done, some of the most […]

I’ve Got a NEW Attitude: Insight

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Do you remember times growing up being frustrated or disappointed with your parents for one reason or another? Do you remember telling yourself, “I’m never going to be like him/her when I grow up and have a family.” Everything goes well until you finally actually have your own family. You inevitably find yourself looking in […]

PEP Podcast for June 2015 | Introducing Love and Logic Classes

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Meagan Histand, MEd and Christy talk about how Meagan came to work at Acorn Counseling Education Services. Meagan is our new Director of Education and has worked in many interesting areas of education. She has experience with autism, behavioral interventions, and has become a certified Love and Logic facilitator. She describes lessons she has learned […]

PEP | Love and Logic Classes Begin June 13th!

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Parenting the Love and Logic Way! Want to find out how to parent with Love and Logic? Come to this weeks set of classes on putting an end to arguing, back talk, and begging. Meagan Histand, Director of Education at Acorn Counseling Services will be providing 3 different times to come to this amazing class. […]