Your Rings, Your Story

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I love trees, especially in the hot TX summers. Mature, strong trees provide shade to cool off, strong limbs for fun & imagination, & a strong trunk for a great resting place. While much of nature takes advantage of what is seen, there is a story in that tree that we can’t see.  If you […]

FAQs About Christian Evidence Based Counseling at Acorn

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Considering Acorn Counseling?  Here are common questions about counseling and christian evidence based counseling. Are you guys Christian? Our entire staff believe that Jesus is the Son of God described in the Bible, born of Mary, a virgin, fully God and fully Man.  We believe salvation is through faith alone. The Bible is the Word […]

Living Tenaciously

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A man had a tenacious dream to open his own restaurant in New Orleans but real estate was pricey.  A few years ago, he made it to the show “Chopped”.  He planned to use the winnings as a downpayment for his dream.  He made it to the final round but cut his finger so badly […]

Counseling: The First Session

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You’re thinking about going to your first session in counseling, but you can’t seem to get past the fear.  Fear of not knowing what to expect from that first session, much less the sessions that come after that! This fear of the unknown can be a powerful factor. It can deter us from doing or […]

Acorn Digest Oct, 2015

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Digest and Happenings at Acorn October 2015 Here is our best newsletter yet! I know I say that every time, but we are constantly becoming better writers and this is one of our best articles. Laura Westbrook, LPC Intern writes from her heart. In this newsletter you will find her post from last week, information […]

Our Counseling and Education Mission Statement

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Mission Statement At Acorn Counseling Education Services, we strive to strengthen Denton County by empowering and educating parents and children. Acorn’s Christian staff works to affect positive change through a combination of team oriented, evidence based, therapeutic and educational services. These include filial therapy, Counseling [individual, play, family, marriage, group], Wellness Opportunities, community service, and […]