Priorities: What’s Really Important?

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There are many times in life when stuff happens and there are changes that can really create an emotional storm if you allow it. Some of these whirlwind changes can include transitioning to a new job, retirement, a new baby is born, or a parent comes to live with you just to name a few. […]

DBT Skills: Communicating Expectations and Needs

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Often, when we need something from someone else, the way we are communicating is the strongest predictor of whether or not we will get it. It doesn’t matter if this is a simple request for a listening ear or a serious plea for someone to acknowledge your needs. In the realm of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, […]

Step 2 to Tough Talks: Be Clear

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Parents in the past have talked about tough talks without being clear. You know the obscure metaphor of the birds and the bees? I’ll bet you have examples right now of metaphors and obscure references adults used to teach you about important topics that still confuse you. Today, you will learn 3 steps to being […]

Acorn Digest February 2016

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Acorn Education Digest February 2016 Many of you noticed we had a Holiday from digests last month. With our fabulous Facebook Party on Wellness led by Vivian Nichols, and getting back into the swing of things, we just didn’t have it in us to write. So, we are back and on Fire! Read, share, print, […]

Divorce is Traumatic

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You may ask yourself why a play therapist is writing about divorce. Surely, none of my clients are divorced. While it is true, most of my clients haven’t been married and never chose to divorce, many of my clients have been affected by divorce. In 2014, there were 111,409 divorces filed in Texas district courts. […]

3 Rules for Clear Communication

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Communication is difficult at the best of times. But when emotions are flaring and a problem must be solved, mistakes, sometimes big ones, can happen. So in my counseling office, we make up a list of rules for big conversations. Some people have heard of them as ‘Fighting Fair’ but that seems to say that […]

Acorn Digest November 2015

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Click on our Acorn to access our newest Digest. You will find our favorite blog of the month, a short bit of advise about communication and our event calendar for the month. One of our favorite events for November is a brand new idea Christy had for getting our therapists connected with parents in our […]