What to do in the waiting

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Sad girl waiting for a mobile phone call or message from her boyfriend sitting in a bench outside in the street with an urban background

There are many times we have to wait for things. Maybe you are

  • Waiting to hear about a possible job offer.
  • Waiting for medical results or to get a procedure done.
  • Waiting for academic results or admissions into a college.

What do we do in the in-between time, a time where you have to wait, but there is not much or nothing you can do to influence the results?

Acknowledge what you’re feeling. Fear of the unknown is a normal human response. Know that it is normal and okay to feel anxious, sad, worried, and numbness during the waiting time. After you acknowledge and express your feelings, use healthy coping strategies to deal with them. Practice deep breathing, muscle relaxation, or visualization exercises. There are a lot of free apps to help guide you through these exercises.

Pray and ask close friends to pray with you. Draw close to God by meditating on scripture, listening to uplifting songs, and journaling. These activities build your faith and bring a sense of peacefulness. Asking friends to join you in prayer helps to know you are not alone and gives you much needed support through the process.

Focus on today, not the what-ifs. Keep doing activities you enjoy. Go out with friends, work out, serve others, watch funny movies, and engage in hobbies to keep your mind in the present. If you need help coping with difficult feelings or circumstances, please give me a call at 940-222-8703 ext 702, or email me at [email protected]. I love to walk through it with you.

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