Awareness: Beginning the Road to Freedom

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FreedomThe road to inner freedom is a journey and a basic key to this journey will help unlock who we are, who we are born to become, and give us choices in the process. Practicing awareness will begin to help with setting boundaries, changing self-defeating patterns, communication, and loving and accepting yourself.

The beginning of change starts with awareness. Gaining insight into what we are thinking and especially what we are feeling allows us to work with the feelings, heal, and gives us the opportunity to make better decisions. If we are not aware of our feelings, then they will continue to rule us. Feelings aren’t right or wrong; they just are and they need to be acknowledged. When emotions are suppressed or repressed they continue to build up until they erupt in harmful ways. The more we are aware of our feelings, before they are difficult to control, allows us to choose how to express them in a healthy way.

How do we become more aware?
It starts with an inner curiosity that sounds something like this: How does that feel? When have I felt this way before? Where in my body do I feel tense? How does this feeling restrict me? What do I fear may occur? What do I need? This kind of inner curiosity helps to end blaming other people and circumstances for the wounds and disappointments. It also gives us permission to take responsibility for our own responses.

Several cautions as you start to honor your needs and feelings.
You may find yourself wondering if you are selfish or others may start defining you as selfish. This may come about because a lot of us, especially women, devote much of our lives moving our feelings to the side as we attempt to please others. At first it may feel unfamiliar and almost greedy when we stop denying our own needs, wants, and feelings. Remembering that repressing our needs and desires will bring more hurt to ourselves and the people we love in the long run.

That brings me to the next caution that not being aware of feelings has short term payouts by allowing us to avoid pain and anger. As children, having to endure abuse or neglect, we may have learned to detach ourselves from pain, become invisible, or turn off emotionally. As a child, this coping mechanism helped us survive but as an adult if don’t become aware and acknowledge our feelings, we limit and isolate ourselves.

If you find yourself depressed, anxious, or having a difficult time coping with life and need a safe place to explore your feelings, please give me a call at 940-222-8703 x702. I look forward to journeying alongside you.

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