Days Of Opportunity: Training Your Child

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In the moment… Gripping the steering wheel, I watch as my youngest walks to my car. His slow step, hunched back, and downcast eyes say this day has been difficult. Sighing as he slumps into his seat, he hands me the note from the teacher. Here we go again… Maybe this has happened to you […]

Developing the Dream: Play Therapy in Private Practice

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You just walked out of a meeting, shocked, upset, and deeply disappointed. The office where you practice decided to convert the playroom into a new office. Funding issues and increased client referrals were cited as reasons, but in the back of your mind, you know the problem. Your place of employment doesn’t share your focus […]

Priorities: What’s Really Important?

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There are many times in life when stuff happens and there are changes that can really create an emotional storm if you allow it. Some of these whirlwind changes can include transitioning to a new job, retirement, a new baby is born, or a parent comes to live with you just to name a few. […]

Home-school Parent Burnout

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Burnout; everyone experiences it. Merriam Webster defines burnout as “exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration”. When we’ve reached the point of burnout, we will typically take a break from the stress and recharge. But for the home-school parent, experiencing burnout is more personal. What […]

Summer Memories

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Let’s face it, summer can be really HOT. Other than that, what do you remember about summer as a child? Were you outside more with friends, at summer camp, or in a child care center going on field trips. During the busy school year, there is a rhythm and routine associated with school activities and […]

Active Listening: School Violence Series Part 3

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Imagine you are struggling to connect with others.  Think about what you feel. Are you lonely, sad, misunderstood, angry, anxious, or depressed?  These are the feelings many who commit school violence are experiencing that cause them to lash out in harmful ways.  Now think about what others could do to help connect with you during […]

How to S.E.A.L. Your Relationship

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Does it seem that the world just keeps spinning faster and there is less time to do the things you’d like to do- like spending time with your significant other? Have you forgotten why you got together in the first place? Maybe you are wondering “Where did the Love go?” Well… you are not alone. […]

Homeschool Helps: Teens and Social Media

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One of the perks of being a homeschool family is amount of time we have to work on our communication skills with one another. Homeschooling has afforded us a lot of space in which we can have meaningful conversations, and hear one another well. 3 Approaches To Social Media Communicating face to face is one […]

Empathy: School Violence Series Part 2

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Empathy is a concept easily talked about but much less easily understood.  Furthermore, the application of true empathy can be immensely challenging. The basic definition of empathy is the attempt of imagining or trying to share the feelings of another.  Empathy is also often confused with sympathy. Sympathy incorporates feelings of sadness or sorrow for […]