FAQs About Christian Evidence Based Counseling at Acorn

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Considering Acorn Counseling?  Here are common questions about counseling and christian evidence based counseling. Are you guys Christian? Our entire staff believe that Jesus is the Son of God described in the Bible, born of Mary, a virgin, fully God and fully Man.  We believe salvation is through faith alone. The Bible is the Word […]

New Adolescent and Adult Counselor Intern

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Counseling can be a powerful tool for learning new things about yourself and new ways to respond to situations. You don’t have to feel trapped by your emotions or your thoughts or the way you’ve always been. Give yourself some space to share and process your hurts and your patterns and I will strive to […]

JASON’S STORY: a case study in Hypnotherapy

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from Roy Cage, C.Ht.  (used by permission. Christy Graham requested a guest blog from Mr. Cage after hearing this story in person. If you ever get a chance to learn from Mr. Cage, grab it! He is amazing.) Jason was a troubled boy, eleven year’s old,  and in Special Education classes in his school.  I […]

Count Your Blessings: 1 Year of Service at Corinth Office Suites at Oakmont

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These are the faces of the ladies of Acorn. We opened our offices 1 year ago, August 31st. Since then we have provided: 1,220 client hours of onsite therapeutic services 119 direct supervision hours for new clinicians 4 community contact opportunities on premises meeting with referral sources and learning about ways to coordinate services in […]

When Tragedy Strikes in our Communities

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Videos on the news, information on the internet, guns firing into crowds of people because of fear, hate and anger.  People hurting others. When bad things happen, how do we deal with them? This is at the heart of how we deal with each other and at the heart of our society in general.   […]

Guest Blog by Marc Thompson with New Day Services

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Every so often, I meet people who have a similar mission to mine: to strengthen families, strengthen children, and strengthen our communities. Typically, their mission statement is not an almost exact replica of mine! I met with Marc and his coworker David today and was so impressed, I asked them to do a guest blog. […]

Acorn March Digest 2016

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Acorn Education Digest March 2016 Click here to download in printable form our March Digest for 2016. It includes our schedule of events, introduces you to our newest counselor, Renee Pfeffer, and lets you look forward to our biggest month, April. Here are some excerpts if you don’t want to print it out. Acorn Counseling […]

4 Holiday Tips for Newly Divorced Families

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With the American divorce rate between 40 and 50% of marriages ending in divorce, many of us are touched by divorce during the holidays. As with many things, the first holiday with a major change can be the most challenging. There are usually lots of feelings involved, mistakes being made or contemplated, and it is […]

Acorn Digest November 2015

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Click on our Acorn to access our newest Digest. You will find our favorite blog of the month, a short bit of advise about communication and our event calendar for the month. One of our favorite events for November is a brand new idea Christy had for getting our therapists connected with parents in our […]

1 Simple Change

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Around 2010, I decided to work on my own growth – personally, professionally, within my family. I spent so much time working to help my kids grow up into fully functional adults, assisting my clients in learning to deal with difficult situations, and supporting my husband. Many times I would feel guilty about simple self […]