CoParenting: Scheduling and Activities

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CoParenting Story: Johnny slumps into the car after a week at his home with Mom. You glance into the rear view mirror and *sigh* internally. She did it again. Will she ever learn? What is it this time? ‘John, what’s up?’ ‘Nothin.’ ‘Johnny, you got to tell me.’ He proceeds to describe the new sport […]

3 Steps Show Your Child You Love Them

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Sobbing. Where is that crying coming from? You think to yourself. Opening the door to her room, Sandy is curled up on her bed, sobbing into her pillow. Sitting gently on the bed, your hand slowly settles on her back and she jumps. Quickly, she dries her eyes without looking at you. She sits up, […]

Free Social Skills Class at Acorn

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Social skills like listening, identifying feelings and communicating feelings well are central to creating and maintaining relationships. School Counselors teach social skills to classrooms full of students on a regular basis. Ashley Smith, Acorn’s practicum student for the semester, will modify these classes for a more focused experience for your child. With Ashley’s experience with […]

Acorn Overview of Services 2016

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CPRT Training for Denton Regional Suicide Prevention Coalition   Wanting to find out more about Acorn Counseling Education Services? Here is a recent powerpoint presentation Christy gave at the Denton Regional Suicide Prevention Coalition to introduce Acorn and our providers to their group. Christy loves to present and if you are interested in having her […]

Podcast ‘Play Therapy in Corinth’ October 19th

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Podcast with Christy and Nick in Corinth Acorn Counseling Education Services president, Christy Graham, and Frederick Nichelson of Nichelson Entertainment talk about the new offices and old groups that are coming back again. Listen up to Play Therapy in Corinth and if you have any questions about Child Parent Relationship Training or Acorn Counseling, call […]

New Licensed Professional Counselor, Ashley Barkley

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Acorn is so excited to introduce our newest therapist-Ashley Barkley, LPC. I entered the field of counseling and mental health in 2004 based on my love and interest in interacting with people. I felt drawn to a helping profession as I recognized how the course of my life had changed based on the positive influences […]

Inside Out: How to Talk about Feelings with your Child

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If you’ve watched TV recently or cruised down the toy isle you’ve probably seen advertisements for Disney’s latest movie, Inside Out. The currently #1 movie offers an exciting storyline, along with lessons about feelings and emotions. This post contains some spoilers, so you may want to watch it first before reading further. Kids and adults […]

Parent Education Program Sign Up

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Sign Up for our Parent Education Program Find out more about parenting from our experts, including our latest schedule for Love and Logic classes, our special Parent Education Program podcast, and articles we love! We will even have an ebook coming out soon, so don’t wait! Get on our list now. First Name * Last […]

May Podcast 2015

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Christy and Nick from Nichelson Entertainment talk about happenings around Denton and the changes occurring at Christy Graham, LPC — I mean, Associates or Acorn Counseling Education Services!