Acorn March Digest 2016

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Acorn Education Digest March 2016 Click here to download in printable form our March Digest for 2016. It includes our schedule of events, introduces you to our newest counselor, Renee Pfeffer, and lets you look forward to our biggest month, April. Here are some excerpts if you don’t want to print it out. Acorn Counseling […]

Divorce is Traumatic

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You may ask yourself why a play therapist is writing about divorce. Surely, none of my clients are divorced. While it is true, most of my clients haven’t been married and never chose to divorce, many of my clients have been affected by divorce. In 2014, there were 111,409 divorces filed in Texas district courts. […]

One Small Family’s Response to Paris

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Sitting on a train, a group of friends sees a person seeking power and control over a crowd. Watching a soccer match, a loud noise interrupts. Eating dinner at a café, a person screams and a crowd begins to run as bullets fly. People climb out an attic and over a wall to escape a […]

Acorn Digest November 2015

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Click on our Acorn to access our newest Digest. You will find our favorite blog of the month, a short bit of advise about communication and our event calendar for the month. One of our favorite events for November is a brand new idea Christy had for getting our therapists connected with parents in our […]

1 Simple Change

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Around 2010, I decided to work on my own growth – personally, professionally, within my family. I spent so much time working to help my kids grow up into fully functional adults, assisting my clients in learning to deal with difficult situations, and supporting my husband. Many times I would feel guilty about simple self […]

Podcast ‘Play Therapy in Corinth’ October 25, 2015

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Podcast, Play Therapy in Corinth Christy and Nick talk more specifically about how the group signups, particularly for Child Parent Relationship Training, works at Acorn Counseling Education Services. Are you interested in a groups? Read below to find out which waiting lists are being started and who to contact for the group that interests you […]

Sandtray & Adolescence

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Teens It’s not easy being a teenager today.  Maybe it never was, as our teen years tend to be a challenging mix of our growing need for autonomy and independence while our brains haven’t yet caught up in the areas of decision-making and reasoning.  Teenagers are typically torn between childlike and adult feelings and worlds. […]

Acorn September 2015 Newsletter

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Acorn-Education-Newsletter-September-2015 Click on our link to the new newsletter! We are so excited because we are moved IN! Brad Andrus has done an amazing job and we are so blessed to have such a beautiful space to meet with our families. God is good! If it has been a while, come by and see how […]