Trust Again

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When is it safe to trust again? Have you ever had a friend, spouse, or someone you work with betray you? Has somebody broken your trust and you are still trying to work through it; or have they asked for forgiveness and you are contemplating whether you are supposed to forgive and let them back […]

My Kid? Misbehave at school?!

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Ridin along in my automobile. My baby beside, me at the wheel. I stole a hug at the school turnstile. My curiosity runnin wild. Cruisin and playin the radio, With no particular place to go. Life is Good And then… ask how their day went. “Mom, my teacher is too strict. I’ve already been to […]

Trauma Redefined

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Many of us think of the word trauma and associate it with something big that has happened such as a car accident, divorce, abuse, or military combat. These are easily identifiable big traumas. There are also other traumas that may not be discussed as much but can have a significant impact upon a person’s life. […]

Trauma: Harry Potter and The Magical Child

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Harry sits watching his teachers celebrate the life of an impossibly huge arachnid. His feet swing and he seems almost gleeful. He has a plan and he has magic. These two together can shape the behavior of an accomplished, intelligent adult and make him do what he doesn’t want to do-tell a secret about He […]

Exercise and Mental Health

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The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise Many people know the benefits of exercise for their physical body such as weight control, preventing cardiovascular disease, and improving muscle strength but what about the effects that it has on mental health? Working out can have a positive impact on depression, anxiety, stress, and more. It also improves […]

Stress and Depression

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Someone once said that depression is your system being pressed down. That is so true! Depression can make you feel exhausted and everything you try to do can feel hopeless. There are many types of depression but almost all have one root cause and that is stress. Any continuation of high stress that wears you […]

Boundaries: Honoring Our Limits

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I was recently talking with a friend who was sharing her new fitness workout. After she started her new plan, she began to have pain in certain areas of her body to where she had to scale back for a bit. Working out with this new plan was very important to her because it stood […]

Acorn Overview of Services 2016

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CPRT Training for Denton Regional Suicide Prevention Coalition   Wanting to find out more about Acorn Counseling Education Services? Here is a recent powerpoint presentation Christy gave at the Denton Regional Suicide Prevention Coalition to introduce Acorn and our providers to their group. Christy loves to present and if you are interested in having her […]

Tragedy: When a Child Dies

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A Community Changes We were having an afternoon like any other Sunday afternoon, when my husband read his email. He called me over, had me read it and we hugged. Then we quickly got the kids to eat, change, and go to a candlelight vigil for a family from our school. A child we have […]

Acorn Education Digest April 2016

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Acorn Digest April 2016 Read articles and find our calendar. You can find the full articles here, from our blogs. Renee Pfeffer, LPC Intern and Ashley Barkley, LPC. Here is a copy of our very busy calendar:   Calendar of Events Knowing The Signs April 12th, 2-3 FREE Join Acorn Staff and Denton Regional Suicide […]